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Supreme Golf Promo Codes & How To Use them

Supreme Golf runs weekly promo codes offering discounts on TeeOff Lightning Rounds making saving money on tee times that much easier.

These promo codes can be found on Supreme Golf’s website, Twitter, Facebook, and our Instagram. The codes are case sensitive, and you must book and play by the date provided with the promo code.

Once you’ve got the promo code, you’ll need to pick out a course you want to play at. If the course has tee times that are provided by TeeOff, then you are on the right track. On Supreme Golf’s website, there’s even the option to search results by the tee time provider. 

The second step is to find a TeeOff round that is already discounted, as indicated by the orange lightning around the tee time. 

Upon checkout, there will be a place to input the code and you’re done. Save time, money and golf more often. #FindYourGame

Example of a TeeOff Lightning Deal:

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