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Supreme Golf at the PGA Show 2015

IRVING, Texas (January 15, 2015) – On January 21, thousands of golf equipment and service companies will once again flock to the Orange County Convention Center for the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL. Droves of PGA professionals, media outlets, and special guests will weave through the aisles for a preview of the latest and greatest gadgets, tools, training aides and equipment in golf.

While most of the convention will focus on how golfers can improve their game with new technology, a select number of vendors will showcase ways golfers can get onto the teebox faster and more conveniently.

One such company is Supreme Golf. The self-proclaimed “KAYAK of golf,” Supreme Golf is an online tee time booking website that rises above the competition by comparing similar tee times offered across multiple booking sites so golfers can choose the most cost-effective option.

Supreme Golf aggregates tee times from top sites like GolfNow, TeeOff, TeeKart (China’s premier online tee time site), Golf18 Network, and others, to make the task of booking a tee time faster and easier. This unique approach instantly makes Supreme Golf the largest tee time marketplace on the internet.

Why use Supreme Golf to book your next tee time? With tee times from courses spanning more than 40 countries—accumulating nearly 2 million available tee times across the globe—Supreme Golf gets you instant access to pro shop counters like no other service can. Not sure where to play or want to try a new course? Supreme Golf even aggregates over 400,000 user-submitted golf course reviews to help you choose the best course for your foursome.

The company’s presence at the PGA Merchandise Show is the first step in a process to offer the most comprehensive online booking service available.

“Our goal is to create the first complete golf course inventory,” says Jonathan Wride, Supreme Golf’s CEO. “We already have more than 25% [of the online tee time market] and are going to the Show in part to pitch ourselves directly to courses and resorts to let them know they can get listed on our site directly through us, through their tee sheet, or by being on any of the sites we aggregate.

“A lot of courses are probably already on our website and don’t even know it.”

As if a website that aggregates thousands of tee times from multiple sites wasn’t enough, Supreme Golf can also be accessed via their iPhone app, currently available on iTunes. The company hopes to release an Android version of their app in the near future.
Be sure to look for Supreme Golf at booth 2180 on the PGA Merchandise Show floor starting January, 21, 2015.

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