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If you’re a regular, you might have noticed (and hopefully used) a new utility we’ve added to the site: tee-time booking. Powered by Supreme Golf, the booking widget sits at the top of our homepage, a one-click conduit to about 39,000 courses — and a million-plus tee times — across the globe.

It’s a handy tool, and it just got handier still.

Beginning today, our booking tool is now available as an app. It’s called GOLF Tee Times, and it’s not just another tee-time app — it’s the largest tee-time booking platform in the game.

Yes, you read that right. The magic of the app is that it searches the top tee time and golf deal sites, including GolfNow, TeeOff, Golf 18, Groupon, Living Social and many others, to find you the best available tee-time rates, period. Think of it a comparison shopper that does all the work for you: what Expedia and Kayak are to airline and hotel reservations, GOLF Tee Times is to tee-time bookings.

Here’s how it works. Let’s pretend a certain New Jersey-based editor wanted to blow off his parenting and closet-repairing duties this weekend to enjoy the freakishly warm weather that has settled over the Northeast. A quick round sounds appealing, but where to peg it? Simple.

He pulls out his phone, opens his GOLF Tee Times app, and punches in his zip code, 07023. In an instant, back come the results: tee times galore at Ash Brook, the muni just down the road from his house; Hyatt Hills, a daily-fee nine-holer about four miles away; Galloping Hill, about six miles away, and so forth.

Hyatt Hills is near one of said editor’s favorite Thai restaurants, so that makes his decision easy. He taps on Hyatt Hills and finds a range of tee times from 8:07 a.m. though 5 p.m., all for $30 and all through GolfNow. All but one, that is. has an 11 a.m. slot available for $20 — that’s a cool $10 in savings. Or enough to cover a steaming bowl of Pad Thai. Sold!

Yep, our new app is that easy. So do yourself a favor and download it, because saving money can be every bit as fun as saving strokes.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go dust off my clubs.

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