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How To Practice Your Golf Game Indoors

Here at Supreme Golf, we wanted to provide a few options and friendly pointers on drills to help improve your game while in the comfort of your house. With more people moving to work at home, these tips & drills are worth trying yourself — but we do ask you to keep an eye on your surroundings.

1 Putting

No matter the time of year, you can easily practice your putting stroke at home. A simple DIY drill will have you place your putter head in the smallest possible gap in two big books and practice your stroke. The books will allow you to keep your putter inline and practice the back-and-forth pendulum motion of putting.

Once you’ve practiced your putting stroke enough times, place a golf ball in the gap as well and putt. The beauty of practicing putting drills at home is the golf ball will roll on most surfaces in your house. Add another level to this drill by placing a glass cup different distances away, simulating putting on the green.

2 Keeping Your Eye On the Ball

If you’re having a hard time keeping your head still in your backswing, then we’ve got a drill for you. Start by placing a pillow against the wall and putting your head on the pillow. With your head resting on the pillow, practice your swing without moving your head. If you execute the drill correctly, your head will remain in place on the pillow throughout the duration of your swing.

Once you’ve mastered keeping your head in place without the club in hand, try it with the club but make sure you don’t knock anything over in front of your or behind you.

3 Watching Your Swing In the Mirror

If you have a full-length mirror, this drill is an easy must-do. Set up as you would if you were going to hit a drive, a chip shot or a putt.

Carefully assess each step of your swing. With the full-length mirror, this will allow you to watch your posture, check your grip and see yourself swing. It’s important to repeat your swing every time, and this will allow you to see any area of your swing that needs correction or adjustment.

If you aren’t out on the course, there’s still plenty of ways you can keep practicing the great game of golf. Follow these simple drills and you’ll be ready to hit the course in no time!

Don’t let the cold and overcast weather outside stop you from improving your golf game. Heck, warmer days and greener grasses are just around the corner. Learn how you could be practicing golf indoors during the winter. And, pick up these five Supreme Golf drills to help get you back on the course next season in even better shape than before. 

Plan to succeed

To get started, you’ll need to create a plan…a practice routine for doing your indoor golf drills.  You will want to set a few goals too. Knowing where you are now – and where you are trying to go – will allow you to work toward real, measurable results. Focusing on what is realistic and available to you will help. 

Look back on your past season. Consider your putts, chips, drives, how you scored on Par 3s, Par 4s, and Par 5s, and how you did on overall scoring. Where does your game need improvement? 

Let’s assess what you have available nearby. Is there an indoor golf driving range? Does it have an indoor putting green? To be sure, check out local high schools, colleges or universities that might have a golf team (they just might have practice facilities you can use — most likely it would be for a fee). What tools, resources, and indoor golf training aids do you already have — or have access to? Clubs, a putting mat, or maybe a garage to set up a hitting net and mat. (Note: use foam or whiffle balls.) If you’re lucky enough to have one or all of these, include them in your planning.

Next, think about how long your off-season timeline will be, based on where you live. Obviously, if you live in Illinois you will be practicing golf indoors for several more weeks than your friends who live in Texas, or even Georgia.

Practice during the off-season

Break out the different areas of your game into different areas of indoor golf drills — drills are critical to moving your game forward. And be sure that each part of your game has at least one goal.

Golf swing drills and practice 

Putting drills and practice

Chipping drills and practice

Short game drills and practice

Cardio and aerobic fitness


Core training

Wrist and hand exercises

Overall fitness and strength training

Watch the golf pros on TV

Read all the books and magazines about golf that you can find

Finally, decide on practice days and time. Scheduling specific days and times will help you stick to your plan. Setting your practice schedule may vary based on what’s happening in your life. For some players, fewer but longer practices work better than trying to practice every day. Think about what’s right for you and set yourself up for success. 

There are so many things you can do in the off months. Literally, anything is better than doing nothing. Remember: what’s most important is that you keep moving. 

Five drills you can do inside

Stumped for ideas? Here are five drills to get you going and help you learn how to practice golf inside.

  1. Stand facing an open wall with your forehead lightly touching it. Holding an imaginary golf club, take a small backswing and check to be sure that your forehead stays steady and doesn’t jerk away from the wall as you swing. 
  2. Stand with your back to an open wall. Holding an actual golf club now, take a slightly restricted practice swing. If you’re swinging straight, your club won’t touch the wall. 
  3. Grab a basketball and hold it so that you are looking down at the lines and they are straight out in front of you. Assume your normal golfing posture (left shoulder should be slightly higher than your right, and your right elbow should be slightly bent). Practice your takeaway. If you takeaway correctly, you will still see the lines on the ball as straight out in front of you. 
  4. As you practice the basketball drill, work on perfecting your release. Try to release the ball as you release the angles in your wrists. The basketball should go straight towards your target when released. (If you release the angles too soon the ball will veer to the right when you let go of it). 
  5. To practice your putting stroke, place several feet of masking tape on your carpet or floor in a straight line. Hit short putts of varying distances along with the tape. 

Whenever you start your countdown to warmer weather, be sure to download the Supreme Golf app. You’ll get exclusive access to the largest selection of tee times in the world, at the best possible prices. Supreme Golf also makes it easy to search courses just about everywhere, easy to compare prices, and easy to book your tee time. 

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