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Good Golf Etiquette For Business Rounds

In this post, we are tackling a few best practices to keep in mind while taking a prospective client or conducting business on the golf course. While there are many good tips to remember when golfing for business, these are a few that stand out to us here at Supreme Golf.

1. Arrive Early for the Tee Time

This one is key. If you are on time, you are running late. You wouldn’t leave your buddies hanging by running late for a tee time with them, so don’t do this to your clients or associates when meeting at the course. By arriving early, you give off the right impression and can even get a few practice shots in before the round.

2. Keep The Pace Moving

With any round of golf, you want to play the course in a good time and keep play moving. When with clients or conducting business, this remains true as well. Don’t feel the need to spend any additional time tracking down balls hit out of play or hitting multiple shots off the tees. Allowing other groups to play through can come in handy, especially if you or your clients aren’t experienced golfers.

3. Treat Your Client or Business Associate

Pay for their round of golf as a courtesy to avoid any awkward confusion when checking — plus, you can even take turns buying beverages throughout the round.

4. Dress Appropriately

This might not be the best time to break out the same striped plaid pants that Ian Poulter wears on tour, but again to each their own. Meeting a client on the golf course ideally calls for dressing more conservatively than usual. You want to show you are ready to golf but are there to conduct business.

5. Enjoy Yourself

Golfing whether for business or with friends is supposed to be fun. Don’t take the round too seriously or get too competitive, and keep your composure if you hit a bad shot. Last, but not least – book your next business tee time with Supreme Golf, and we’ll help get you out on a great course, putting you one step closer to closing your next deal.

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